Bongos Cuban Cafe




My wife and I recently had the opportunity to have dinner while at Downtown Disney. There are several options while there, but we decided on Bongos Cuban Cafe. The little Cuban hotspot owned by Gloria Estefan, first opened in 1997 in Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World resort.

The restaurant and nightclub are housed in a building that offers Old Havana architecture, which is also home to a giant pineapple shaped structure that can be seen upon entering Downtown Disney.

We visited Bongos on a Saturday evening, which I was expecting a longer than usual wait, but we only had to wait 25 minutes. They were going to seat us indoors, but it was such a beautiful evening, we asked for outdoor seating. They were able to accommodate us very quickly with a table for two on the patio.

Upon being seated outside, our waitress was Gabriela. She was very nice and fixed our table, which was leaning and tipping. She placed napkins under the leg to balance the table. My only criticism for the evening, was that after fixing the table, she took our order, and for whatever reason, she forgot what I ordered. Her service was a tad bit slower the rest of the evening, including waiting for our check. Minor inconveniences.

Now on to the good stuff…..

The menu items are very well priced, and you get very good portion sizes for the price. This is sometimes hard to find anywhere in and around Disney World resorts.

I ordered the Cuban Style Milanese Steak or Bistec a la Milanesa, it was AWESOME!!!! Cuban breaded steak, topped with Marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese, served with Fried Sweet Plantains (you can substitute, I got fries) and Moro Rice. Again, moderately priced at $19.

My wife ordered the Grilled Chicken Breast or Pollo a la Plancha, according to her it was REALLY GOOD!!! Grilled chicken breast marinated in garlic and lemon topped with grilled onions, served with Fried Sweet Plantains, white rice, and black beans.

The atmosphere at Bongos, was really nice, not just do to the patio seating outside, but they had a live band indoors, that was playing fairly current music as well as cuban music. It was a great distraction from the days activities.

Of all of the meals that we had on this recent Disney trip, I would have to say that this was my second favorite meal. I will share my  favorite meal in an upcoming blog.

If your desire is a quick meal, they also offer a lunch menu, with a killer Cuban sandwich. If you wish to check it out before you go, they can be found at

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